The Legend of 7-Iron Jack

The true story of 7-Iron Jack starts a long time ago. John Jasper Rippetoe (Jack) was born in the 1950s. His childhood was a nightmare of neglect and abuse. Beaten by his father and living in a shack near the woods, Jack would often escape there to find peace and solitude. This was the only place he could escape his father’s temper. He was alone, but in the woods, he felt safe.

He grew up hating the world, especially his classmates at school who constantly taunted and teased him. This caused Jack to become even angrier. One day he had enough, his father was drunk and grabbed a stick, Jack knew what was coming, this would be the last time. He quickly snatched the stick from his father’s hand and begin beating him. He struck him in the head hard enough his father stumbled back and fell hitting his head on the ground and bled out.

The  Legend of 7-Iron Jack

This brought Jack a sick sense of release and he decided anyone who would cross him would suffer the same fate. A boy at school, teasing Jack, met a similar fate when Jack lashed out by grabbing a nearby yardstick and attempting to beat him to death. He was expelled and sent home after that, never to return.

Jack moved into the woods unwilling to go back inside where his father had passed. Many years had passed and people had forgotten about the strange angry boy who went homicidal at school. Now a man Jack, angrier than ever, would chase anyone who dares set foot in the woods. Kids playing would often come close and just hearing him swinging a stick and shouting would cause them to run away in fear.

One day Jack woke to the sound of bulldozers. They came to the woods, crashing through everything in their path. The city was clearing out trees for some kind of development. Jack came running out of the woods screaming and swinging a stick. It took 5 men to subdue him and hold him down. He was forced to watch as his one comfort was destroyed in front of his eyes. All at once he pushed the men off and ran away, no one quite knows where. They could hear him yell as he ran, “I will return and I will kill anyone that steps foot on my land.”

It turns out those woods used to be right here in Pryor, as a matter of fact, it’s where the Pryor Creek Golf Course now resides. Years later Jack returned, seeing all the people having fun on the land he felt was his just infuriated him. He would often hang out in secluded wooded areas of the golf course and wait for unsuspecting golfers. Enraged, when they got close he would jump out and beat them with their own golf club and drag them off into the woods.

Several people were killed, some dragged into the woods never to be seen again, others buried alive only to be found when it was too late. Authorities, searching for this killer could never find any trace of where he might have gone, often they would only find a bloody 7-iron left behind. After taking many lives the killing would stop, no one knows why, but every 7 years he would return and the killing spree would start up again.

It has been 7 years since anyone had been attacked on the golf course and some say Jack has returned. His hatred completely taken over, he roams the edges of the golf course looking for someone to take it all out on. In August they found a bloody 7-iron in the woods alongside the golf course but found no sign of Jack or the golfer that the club belonged to.

Keep an eye out when you’re on the course and be extra careful if you are under the age of 16. Kids this age remind 7-iron Jack of his school days and the kids who tormented him. The sound of young voices infuriates him and makes him even more bloodthirsty.